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St Augustine’s Primary aims to inspire pupils to become curious and explorative thinkers with a diverse knowledge of the world. We want pupils to develop the confidence to question and observe places, measure and record necessary data in various ways, and analyse and present their findings. Through our Geography curriculum, we aim to build an awareness of how Geography shapes our lives at multiple scales and over time. We hope to encourage pupils to become resourceful, active citizens within the community, who will have the skills to contribute to and improve the world around them.


At St Augustine’s we follow the Kapow Primary scheme which is a spiral curriculum, with essential knowledge and skills revisited with increasing complexity, allowing pupils to revise and build on their previous learning. Lessons incorporate various teaching strategies from independent tasks to paired and group work, including practical hands-on, computer-based and collaborative tasks. This variety means that lessons are engaging and appeal to those with a range of learning styles. Lessons are tailored to suit the varying needs within our school to ensure that all pupils can access learning, and opportunities for challenge are maximised. Knowledge organisers for each unit support pupils in building a foundation of factual knowledge by encouraging recall of key facts and vocabulary.


At St Augustine’s Primary, we ensure our pupils are exposed to a number of geographical enrichment activities including residential trips, school visitors, Forrest School workshops, local studies and current affairs addressed through school assemblies. This works alongside the curriculum to ensure that pupils leave with the skills and knowledge to become young geographers.  The attained skills by their final year include those needed to interpret a range of maps and other geographical sources as well as covering the key strands of locational knowledge, place knowledge, human and physical geography, geographical skills and fieldwork.