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At St. Augustine's, we believe in a diverse curriculum which offers our children solid subject recall and understanding; opportunities to apply, analyse, evaluate and create; and, lots of real and enriching experiences.


At the start of the year we produce a Long Term-Planning Overview of what will be taught across the year.

From here we then produce more detailed Mid-Term Plans for each Half-Term.

This is followed by weekly planning for the Core Subjects - English, Maths and RE.


We have reviewed and revised our curriculum during Summer 2019 to ensure that it is coherent, purposeful, knowledge based, creative, and inspiring.


For further information, please click on the icons below to find out about the curriculum content of each subject taught at St Augustine's CE Primary School.

To find out even more, try your very best to come to our regular parent/carer workshops or make an appointment to meet with the Headteacher.