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Love of Reading

St Augustine's Love of Reading

Reading with the high school:

Year 6 boys have been reading with Year 12 and Year 13 pupils at the high school. It has been so rewarding for all pupils involved in promoting our love for reading. Below are some comments from primary and high school pupils.

''The year 12s are really interesting people, they read with us and correct any of our mistakes. It makes me feel better that I’m not reading alone and someone is there so support me.'' - Year 6


''I had missed a few days on my reading record, but I have been making sure that I am doing it every day since reading with the high school pupils. I want to make them proud and show them my progress. I am also really proud of myself.'' - Year 6


''My Year 12 told me about David Williams’s. We found one of his books and he set me a challenge to have 3 chapters read by next week, but I made it up to chapter 10. I finished the book in two weeks then we chose a different book. I’ve nearly finished my second book now too, and it's only been a couple of weeks. The Year 12 pupil helped me choose the ones I would like!'' - Year 6


''I'm really enjoying reading with the younger students from Primary. I feel by working with the younger kids, not only am I developing my own skills in supporting others, but I'm able to inspire them to push themselves further and encourage them to find more joy in their education through reading. I'm really happy I got involved as reading is something I consider to be an essential hobby in everyone’s life.'' - Year 13


"It's been so wholesome and inspiring to see the enjoyment and excitement on their faces!" - Year 12


"I have genuinely enjoyed every minute working with the younger students. I've branched out and read more diverse topics away from sport as a result!" - Year 12


Reading at St Augustine's Primary is highly important to us. We continue to create as many opportunities as possible to promote the love of reading in our school. We would also like to say a huge thank you to our wonderful helpers from the high school.

Every Thursday morning Year 7 pupils from the high school have been visiting our Year 1 pupils to take part in paired reading. This gives our Year 1's the brilliant opportunity to practise their phonics, fluency and communication with new people. They share some of their favourite stories and discuss their love of reading. The Year 7's do a great job in supporting all of our younger pupils.