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At St Augustine’s Primary School, the aim of the Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) curriculum is to deliver an accessible programme that maximises outcomes for every child, ensuring they know more, remember more, and understand more. The overarching goal is to develop healthy, independent, and responsible members of society. The curriculum is designed to create happy, resilient pupils capable of making informed decisions about their well-being, health, and relationships. It addresses personal, social, health, and economic aspects, allowing children to understand their personal and social development, and it deals with moral, social, and cultural issues as part of growing up. The PSHE curriculum aims to instil a sense of self-worth in students and empower them to contribute positively to school life and the wider community.



The application of the PSHE curriculum is accessed through the Safety, Caring, Achievements, Resilience, and Friendships Scheme (SCARF). SCARF's whole-school approach supports primary schools in promoting positive behaviour, mental health, wellbeing, resilience, and achievement – giving St Augustine’s everything it needs to meet the new Relationships Education and Health Education statutory requirements. The SCARF scheme facilitates well-organised sessions that incorporate both structured and open-ended elements, fostering engaging learning experiences. These sessions encompass a variety of interactive activities such as circle time, role-playing, discussions, and hands-on tasks. This promotes a dynamic and inclusive learning environment underpinning our school values, whilst encouraging pupils to actively contribute to the learning process. The use of the SCARF curriculum ensures continuity of knowledge and skills progression across each year group from EYFS to Year 6, forming a progressive spiral curriculum.



The foundation of teaching PSHE is not only measured through assessments but also through the positive and supportive ethos fostered in the school. The aim at St Augustine’s is to ensure all pupils have access to an ambitious PSHE curriculum that promotes and fosters them into becoming well-rounded, socially-responsible, emotionally-resilient individuals with life skills, empathy, and self-awareness.


British Values


We explore what it means to live in Britain today and emphasise the values crucial for a harmonious society through the learning of British Values.


We teach British Values through assemblies, class trips and visits, visiting speakers, stories, and by making connections within the curriculum.