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Technology is changing the lives of everyone, and at St. Augustine’s CE Primary School, we believe that all children need to be equipped with the necessary computing skills, and knowledge and understanding in order to succeed and flourish throughout their education and in the future workplace.  Through our Computing Curriculum, we aim to give our children high quality, enjoyable and memorable experiences through access to a range of digital and electronic software and hardware. Our Computing Curriculum will enable our children to gain knowledge and skills in the three main areas of Computing: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy.  We aim for the children to have a foundational understanding of computing. We also recognise that children need a strong, but age-appropriate understanding of how to keep safe when using computing technology and navigating the internet.  At St. Augustine’s we intend for the children to be respectful and safe online and be articulate in explaining how to do this.



Computing is taught in discreet lessons; however, the use of technology is encouraged to support learning across other curriculum subjects, and where appropriate, meaningful links are made.  We use the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) Teach Computing scheme of work as a starting point, and adapt this so it can be effectively taught using the infrastructure and resources we have in place at the school, as well as meeting the needs of our pupils.  In doing so, the children are taught about the three aspects of the computing curriculum:  Computer Science (programming and understanding how digital systems work), Information Technology (using computer systems to store and retrieve and send information, and learn to use and express themselves and develop their ideas through ICT. For example, writing and presenting, as well as using multimedia) and Digital Literacy (evaluating digital content and using technology safely, responsibly and respectfully). In computing lessons, the children will have access to either desktop PCs or iPads to explore and use a range of applications and software.



At St. Augustine’s, we want every child to be a confident user of technology during their time here, and be able to use it to accomplish a wide variety of goals, both at home, in school, and in the wider community. Within computing, we encourage a creative and collaborative environment in which pupils can learn to express and challenge themselves.  At the end of each key stage, children are expected to know, apply and understand the skills and knowledge specified in the computing programme of study.


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