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Safeguarding is a central part of our school curriculum.  Please also see the 'Staying Safe' tab in the Children's area on this website.  We teach our children how to stay safe in the first world and online.  We use a range of resources and approaches to deliver the safeguarding curriculum including: 


Regular sessions and workshops on how to stay safe, understanding emotions and reactions, how to support others and how to stay safe and access help. We use the Childline website regularly and Key Stage 2 pupils have the contact details in their classrooms and Reading Record books.


Our children are taught how to respond to incidents of unkindness and what to do when they see inappropriate behaviour.  They are taught  how to use the internet responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively to keep themselves and others safe.  There is a link on our school website so that inappropriate or irresponsible material can be reported to CEOP. 


Some of our curriculum resources:

Smartie the Penguin on ChildNet for our very youngest children:


CEOP's resources for our infant and junior pupils Think U Know resources for children aged 5-14 yrs 


Our Key Stage 2 pupils take part in Coram Educations bCyberwise workshops each year.