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Year 6


Welcome to Year 6!

Congratulations to Shae, who was our 'Writer of the Week' at the end of last term. Here is part of his narrative writing expanding a scene from 'Billy the Kid' , which was chosen for his description of character through direct speech and movement:


'Mum and Ossie were in the sitting room, sewing quietly and reading the paper, while she was deeply in her thoughts about her two sons. Billy burst through the door with excitement and flung his hat and coat on the floor. Emmy zoomed down the stairs and screamed, “Billy’s home, Billy’s home!” She dragged him into the front room and hugged him extremely tightly as she cried with happiness.

Billy nervously walked over to mum and knelt down and she placed her freezing hands on his face and said, “Welcome home.”  '              


Take a look at Maisie's fantastic informal letter (see the photos), written from a soldier in WW1 after our visit to the Imperial War Museum. She has really captured the character of the writer and the nature of his relationship with his parents in her clever use of colloquial language, idiom and choice of content.




Maisie's letter

Maisie's letter  1
Maisie's letter  2
Maisie's letter  3

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