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Welcome to Nursery!

This is our classroom

This is our classroom 1
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Our topic for Term 5 is 'Minibeasts'

This is what we will be learning about each week:

Week Book of the week Number of the week Shape of the week Colour of the week
1 The Very Hungry Caterpillar 5 Semi-circle Brown
2 Tadpole's Promise 6 Cube Teal
3 The Very Busy Spider/ Aaarrgghh Spider! 7 Cone Silver
4 What the Ladybird Heard 8 Sphere Gold

What the Ladybird Heard

Next/ The Bad Tempered Ladybird

9 Cuboid Maroon
6 Mad About Minibeasts 10 Re-visiting all 3D shapes Turquoise


We had our own 'Royal Wedding celebration' - we made decorations using the colours of the British flag, shared some snacks and had a little dance!

We've loved watching the tiny caterpillars turn into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies!

We have been learning the sounds of the following letters:


 s        a           t         p         i        n        m       d  

g           o          c          k         ck      e     u


We are also beginning to read simple words such as cat, dog, sit.


We have been learning the following 'tricky words':


I                to              the


Please practice finding, reading and writing these letters and words (using our cursive handwriting!) when looking at books and print with your child.