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Year 4


Welcome to Year Four!

Thank you to all of the parents who have been attending parents' workshops! What a fantastic start to the year!


The writer of the week this week was Blake. Congratulations for a really brilliant non chronological report about the Romans. Each sentences was carefully planned and you used 3rd person past tense consistently. You also used conjunctions to join together related ideas and made sure that all of the information was factual.

Roman Religion

What did the Romans believe?

In the Roman period, the Romans believed in many many gods. The Roman gods were like humans but they had powers. Some Romans gods were the same as Greek ones for example Jupiter and Zeus.


Who were the Romans gods?

All of the Roman gods were family and Jupiter was their father. He was the most important one of them all also he was the god of the sky and his wife was Juno.


Where did the Romans worship?

The Romans worshipped in temples and shrines. In Temple,. The Romans made paintings, reliefs and statues because the temples were really special. On special occasions, the priests would sacrifice the sheep.

Blake Fowley 10th November



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