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Summer 1 - Week 1

Year 1 - Summer Term 1 – Week 1 – Overview

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well.

I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to focus on keeping minds and bodies happy and healthy. These materials are to support continued learning during these unusual times but I do not want them to become a cause of stress or anxiety.

If you are doing other types of learning instead please still keep me updated so that I can provide guidance - and I also enjoy hearing what you are all up to!

I miss seeing you all so do keep in touch.

New Topic!

I am introducing a new topic from this week, Amazing Architects. This topic can be explored in many different ways so please let me know what you are finding interesting so that I tailor our learning. As this is a new topic there is a greater focus on topic learning this week.

It will be useful for there to be as much conversations about this new topic to help practice new vocabulary which will then help writing in English too.

English and Maths

These subjects are linked as much as possible to our topic learning so they are not in separate documents this week. In maths we are reviewing 2D shapes names and ensuring we can describe their properties. We are practising being imaginative in our writing and using stories we know well but changing some of the details.


Please keep up with regularly checking of sound and letter links using the flashcards.

Practise reading real and nonsense words with Phonics Play games Picnic on Pluto, Dragon's Den, and Buried Treasure. Username: march20           Password: home

Challenge: Practise your knowledge of which way a grapheme should be said in different words by playing Acorn Adventures.

Weekly Fitness Challenge: Superman

Lay on your stomach and take flight – just like your favourite superhero! Once you’re laying down, lift your arms up so that your upper chest comes off the ground too. Hold that position. *Tip: Try lifting your legs or your arms and legs at the same time for an advanced workout.

Suggested BBC Program: Where in the World?

This series visits children in Russia, Ghana and Jordan and each episode is only 14 minutes long. It can help link to our topic learning if supported by an adult as you will be able to discuss similarities and differences and look at where these places are in the world.

New online resources

From today at 9 o’clock BBC Bitesize will be bringing you new things to do, videos and fun stuff to learn every weekday. The link below takes you straight to the KS1 subject page.

New Skills Update

I have complete my first dressmaking project by making pyjama trousers! It’s always useful to evaluate so I’ve completed one for this project.

STAR: I used a clothing pattern for the first time and used my sewing machine without anything breaking.

WISH: They do not fit very well so I may need some help to work out how to correct them.

How are you getting on with yours?

I’ve also planted several seeds in pots so I don’t have a garden. I’m enjoying starting to see little green shoots coming up and beginning to grow.