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Phonics Resources

How to practice blending sounds to read words


For this, you will need to use flashcards with the different sounds written on them, eg. m  a   n. These have been provided to your children. You model making the word by saying the different sounds (phonemes) and putting the letters in the right order.  You then ask the child to make the word. This can be repeated a few times to make sure your child is secure in reading that word. You can also do this with more sounds/using digraphs eg. f - i - sh   or  r - ai - n - b - ow

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How to practice oral blending with your child


This video shows how you can develop oral blending (hearing the sounds in a word and putting them together) with your child. This is an essential skill that they will need to have in order to begin reading written words.


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How to practice recognising letters and their sounds


To start off, you will have to identify a sound that your child does not securely know first.  In my video, the child had just been taught the letter 'h' and was not consistently remembering the phoneme.  For this intervention you will need a 5x4 table.  In the table, you would write the sound the child finds difficult at least twice in each row.  You would then include another two sounds in each row, but these must be sounds that the child is secure with.  In my video, the child is secure with the knowledge of the sounds of the letters s and a, so I used them in my table. Her table looked something like this:



h a s s
a h a h
s s h a
h a h s


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