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Next Friday, 1st May, we are going to hold a Virtual Superhero Day.


We are asking all the children to dress up in their favourite superhero costume - real life superheroes are encouraged - and take a photo of themselves.

You can then send this photo or short video to your teacher’s email address.

We will put lots of special superhero ideas and activities on class pages on Thursday evening so that you can fill your Friday with superhero learning and fun.


If your child attends school at the moment, then we would love to see them come to school in their superhero outfit and we will have lots of fun activities on that day too.


If your child doesn’t want to dress up or you don’t have a costume, simply ask your child to draw a picture of their favourite superhero with their head drawn, or stuck on, where the characters head should be!


We can’t wait to see all our Stay At Home Superheroes! We will create our very own St. Augustine’s Primary School Superhero Gallery the following week.


Check out the class pages to find out more!