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Dear parents,


The school will remain closed from Monday onwards, apart from for key worker children and children with EHCPs.


Following the publication by the Government of the key worker list, we are asking parents who think they fall under this category to check to see if they are included. Please check this link below.


The government advice for all parents is that any child who can be cared for safely at home should be, but if you are covered in the list and you intend to send your child to school from Monday 23rd March you must let us know by 3.30pm today. If you are a key worker and do not intend to bring your child to school please also inform the office today.


If you are a key worker, please call the school office and leave the following details: child’s name, class, key worker status, address and phone number of employer.


We hope you all keep safe during these unsettled times.


Yours sincerely,


The Senior Leadership Team


St Augustine’s CofE Primary School